DA08 Dark Ages Clan Novel Brujah: Book 8 of the Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga




Dark Ages Clan Novel Brujah

Book 8 of the Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga

By Myranda Kalis

The Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga is a 13-volume series of novels set in the world of Dark Ages: Vampire, released by White Wolf from 2002 to the end of 2004. The series begins with Dark Ages Clan Novel 1: Nosferatu and ends with Dark Ages Clan Novel 13: Tzimisce. Inspired by the original modern-day Clan Novel Saga for Vampire: The Masquerade, this series begins with the end of the original Vampire: The Dark Ages era and continued into the time-frame of Dark Ages: Vampire.

The 13 novels are written from the POV of one clan each during the turbulence that swept through the mortal and Cainite societies of Europe following the fall of Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade. These novels, unlike the original Clan Novel Series, are chronological, happening one after the other rather than overlapping.

Dark Ages Clan Novel #8 Brujah

A City of Blood

Paris, capital of the kingdom of france by day and seat of the vampirir grand court by night. But years of strife—from the arrival of doomsaying prophets to the battles of the Inquisition—have left the city teetering on the edge of the chaos. For Veroniqu d’Orleans, Brujah diplomat, the arrival of an ambassador from the Courts of Love—rivals to Paris’s Prince Alexander—could be an opportunity to heal old wounds or to extract long-delayed justice.

Can she manipulate the various hatreds and rivalries that swirl around the prince and his new guest? Or will she be destroyed by them, as so many others have been?

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