Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear Forged Fables




Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear Forged Fables

By Ronald Kelly

Seven tales of terror that could only beat in the dark, diseased heart of Dixie? – An abandoned furnace stands as a monument to cruelty and torture?as well as a gathering place for old ghosts? – Grandma?s culinary gifts of comfort and compassion contain a special ingredient conjured from the very depths of Hell? – A man?s stubborn curiosity awakens an insatiable hunger on a lonesome country road? – A surprise feature plays on the big screen of a drive-in theatre, revealing a town gathering that should have been left in secrecy and darkness? – Two boys explore a traveler?s mobile museum of cinematic horrors, only to discover that true horror is not always what it first appears to be?. – Grandpa?s Christmas Eve story brings a yuletide visit from a wandering ghost with a long-unfulfilled mission? – It started out as nothing more than a shortcut home? a detour through a shadowy stretch of forest known as Tanglewood. But what awaited him there, amid the brush and bramble, made a simple flat tire seem like a horrifying journey into madness?

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