By Kevin Randle

Plagued by dreams of unseen creatures, bright lights, and horrible things that seemed to be dripping blood, “Jenny,” the name given for anonymity in this study, had come to believe she was a victim of alien abduction. She sought help in resolving the nightmares, and agreed to a hypnotic session to attempt to regress her to the point in time from which her anxiety stemmed. What began as an examination of a possible abduction soon turned into a series of fascinating sessions in which the issues of reincarnation and past life regression became the focus. These sessions drew the investigators through the streets of Victorian England, as well as later lives, and through the minds of some of the darkest men the world has ever known.

Both skeptical and open-minded, Kevin Randle (Project Blue Book – Exposed), has provided a well-documented exploration into the troubled dreams, and possible past of one woman with several remarkable stories to tell. Fascinating reading and perfect for those with an interest in, or doign research on past-life regression, abduction, or NDE (Near Death Experience).

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