Conscious Evolution




Conscious Evolution

By Janet Lee Mitchell

We are now faced with environmental, social and economic demands beyond anything human beings have ever experienced in the past. But a revolution in thought is occurring. Humankind is now on the brink of an evolutionary leap in consciousness that will change the way we think, the way we act towards each other and the very fabric of life as we know it.

Yet before this transformation can take place, it will be necessary to shed our cultural psychophobia-fear of the possibilities of the human mind. Conscious Evolution analyses the blocks holding us back from further progress, including rational science with its reliance on Darwin and Freud, fundamentalist religion, our self-oriented materialistic consumerism, and our failure to acknowledge and accept the scientifically verified extrasensory abilities of telepathy, precognition and telekinesis. Once we can accept the spiritual dimension of our existence and explore the treasures of our inner space, Janet Lee Mitchell shows how we will be able to release the vast potential inherent in all of us, and regain our human spirit and greatness.

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