Coffin Blues




Coffin Blues

By Tom Piccirilli

Priest McClaren wants to put his past behind him. It’s a past filled with loss, murder . . . and revenge. now all Priest wants is to own a carpentry shop and earn a quiet living building coffins. But it looks like peace and quiet just aren’t in Priest’s future. His ex-lover has pleaded with him to carry ransom money into hostile territory in Mexico, to rescue her new husband. It’s a mission he can’t refuse, but it could also easily get him killed. Especially when he runs afoul of Don Braulio, a bandit with a great fondness for knives…


“Tom Piccirilli’s work is sharp as a sword, tart as apple vinegar. I look forward to all his work.” – Joe R. Lansdale, Aughot of Texas Night Riders

“A Twisty tale with more pure entertainment per page than anything I’ve read in a long time.” – Ed Gorman, author of Gun Truth

“Strong stuff, very well done. I’ve never read any Western quite like it” Bill Crider – Author of Firewind

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