Cockroach Suckers




Cockroach Suckers

By David Niall Wilson

Two novellas by David Niall Wilson – Cockroach Suckers & Deep Blue

When Jasper sees Bobby Lee driving up to his fruist stand with something big in the back of his beat-up pickup truck, covered in an old tarp, he has no idea what he’s in for. Bobby Lee unveils a gigantic wooden cockroach he found sticking out of the swamp, and the fun begins. Roadside Attractions. Ancient Gods. Hot twins, beer, and BUGS ensue in this darkly funny romp through David Niall Wilson’s “Old Mill, North Carolina,” home of the Cletus J. Diggs Mysteries.

Also included is DEEP BLUE – the novelette first published in the anthology STRANGE ATTRACTION – which became chapter one of the critically acclaimed novel “DEEP BLUE”

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