Claw Hammer




Claw Hammer

By Paul Dale Anderson

Something hunts the night. Relentless, inhumanly cunning, it stalks the serene streets and elegant houses of the quiet Illinois suburb, shattering its victims’ skulls and flaying the flesh from their still-living bodies in a maniacal, blood-drenched frenzy. Now a dedicated cop and a brilliant young doctor will risk everything to run an elusive, insanely savage horror to earth. Their only clue: a beautiful girl, scarred body and soul by a hideous past she can’t escape and by an evil that possesses her still. Their only hope: untangling the dark, terrifying secrets of her past in a desperate race to uncover the truth. But very soon their quarry will make them the hunted, trapping them in a nightmarish choice between an unspeakable death ? or endless mind-ripping agony?

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