02 Clan Novel Tzimisce – Book 2 of the Clan Novel Saga

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Book 2 of the Clan Novel Saga

By Eric Griffin

The Vampire the Masquerade Clan Novel Saga is a thirteen-volume masterpiece, presenting the war between the established Camarilla leadership and the growing power of the brutal Sabbat on the East Coast of the United States. Each novel is told from the perspective of one of the thirteen clans, intertwining with the others, and filling in missing pieces artfully as we follow battle after battle, intrigue after intrigue—and the appearance of a strange artifact that falls into the hands of a solitary Toreador sculptor.

Clan Novel Tzimisce is the second in the series. The Clan Novel series takes a sinister turn as the dread Tzimisce emerge from their macabre dungeons and laboratories to take a decidedly unhealthy interest in events.

Amid the rising nightmare, charismatic Sascha Vykos—an Old World monster with a New World agenda—brings both scourge and velvet glove to rally the fractious Sabbat forces. A great reckoning awaits the complacent Camarilla—if only Vykos can preserve the volatile alliance and keep the Sabbat serpent from devouring its own tail.

This series is a monumental, 13-novel exploration of the forbidden world of the Kindred. What began in Clan Novel: Toreador continues here, and its ending will determine the fate of every human—and inhuman—being in the world.

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1 review for 02 Clan Novel Tzimisce – Book 2 of the Clan Novel Saga

  1. C.T. Phipps

    The Tzmisce Clan novel introduces the Siege of North America and the behind the scenes machinations that are going on regarding it. Vykos is a representative of Moncada and a more refined Sabbat than the majority of their psychotic kind. I felt the Sabbat were a bit goofy in this book, more EVIL than practical, but that’s sort of their thing. It also sets up a good deal of the plots that will flow through the rest of the books as well as sets up their stakes (the Camarilla losing North America’s East Coast).

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