01 Clan Novel Toreador – Book 1 of the Clan Novel Saga

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Book 1 of the Clan Novel Saga

By Stewart Wieck

The Vampire the Masquerade Clan Novel Saga is a thirteen-volume masterpiece, presenting the war between the established Camarilla leadership and the growing power of the brutal Sabbat on the East Coast of the United States. Each novel is told from the perspective of one of the thirteen clans, intertwining with the others, and filling in missing pieces artfully as we follow battle after battle, intrigue after intrigue—and the appearance of a strange artifact that falls into the hands of a solitary Toreador sculptor.

Clan Novel Toreador is the first in this series. Among the thirteen clans of the Kindred—vampires who secretly manipulate human events—the Toreador are dismissed as hedonists. They accept this as the price of preserving that which is beautiful…particularly themselves. Yet not all Toreador are so easily ignored. the cunning Victoria Ash makes Atlanta’s most famous art museum her venue for plots that could win her control of the city. And though the sculptor Leopold desires only solitude to perfect his art, he is forced to enter the dangerous world of his kin to discover the truth of his past—with consequences that will change Kindred society forever.

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1 review for 01 Clan Novel Toreador – Book 1 of the Clan Novel Saga

  1. C.T. Phipps

    CLAN NOVEL: TOREADOR is the start of the original 13 book Clan Novel Saga written in the nineties for the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG line. It was an amazing collection of stories that contained an overarching metaplot of the Sabbat (evil vampires) attacking cities across the United States belong to the Camarilla (not as evil vampires). Also, following the quest for a powerful mystical artifact called the Eye of Hazimel.

    It was recently re-released on ebook by Crossroad Press and is now available on Kindle, Nook, and other platforms for the first time. Previously, you had to buy the paperback that was published in the late nineties and those were getting pretty expensive. I really enjoyed the series when I was a teenager so I’m buying each one as they come out and re-reading them.

    This book stars Toreador protagonists Leopold and Victoria Ash. Leopold is a struggling sculptor who lures young women to his studio to feed upon while Victoria Ash is a socialite obsessed with the fickle currency of undead prestige. They represent the two extremes of Toreador life as artistes and poseurs. They also are two vampires who are going to be caught up in the Sabbat’s brutal assault on the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

    The writing for this novel isn’t exactly Shakespeare but it’s a good introduction into the World of Darkness so that non-fans of the RPG shouldn’t have any trouble getting into the books. Obviously, if you have a working knowledge of Vampire: The Masquerade then it will be easier but the game was always about archetypes. I love Victoria Ash and consider her one of my all-time favorite undead women. Even so, this is game fiction full of action, battles, and melodrama. More Underworld than Interview with a Vampire.

    I definitely recommend this to people looking for a fun urban fantasy read from a classic tabletop rpg.

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