04 Clan Novel Setite – Book 4 of the Clan Novel Saga





Book 4 of the Clan Novel Saga

By Kathleen Ryan

The Vampire the Masquerade Clan Novel Saga is a thirteen-volume masterpiece, presenting the war between the established Camarilla leadership and the growing power of the brutal Sabbat on the East Coast of the United States. Each novel is told from the perspective of one of the thirteen clans, intertwining with the others, and filling in missing pieces artfully as we follow battle after battle, intrigue after intrigue—and the appearance of a strange artifact that falls into the hands of a solitary Toreador sculptor.

Clan Novel Setite is the fourth in the series. Hesha Ruhadze possesses everything a Follower of Set could want: money and mansions, influence and intelligence, reliable retainers and a trustworthy (junior) partner. Hesha has perfect faith, the blessings of his god, clear vision, and iron-clad self-control.

Everyone’s luck runs out some time.

In an antique shop in Manhattan, Hesha finds a clue to a prize that has eluded him for lifetimes—the Eye of Hazimel. By dawn, all he has fought to achieve over centuries of vampiric existence is slipping from his grasp. Little does the Setite realize that his chance encounter in New York is a strand of the same web that brings the Eye into the hands of one of his own agents, only to be lost again. But is anything truly chance in the shadowy world of the Kindred?

The series is a monumental, 13-novel exploration of the forbidden world of the Kindred. What began in Clan Novel: Toreador continues here, and its ending will determine the fate of every human—and inhuman—being in the world.

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