City at the Edge of the Earth




City at the Edge of the Earth

By Sandy DeLuca

Tyler Bane, a legendary rock idol, is dead—shot down outside his New York City apartment by a mysterious killer. The musician left behind a treasury of cryptic journals and oddities in an old house on Talbot’s Bay, a city of secrets, where legends about strange sea creatures and enigmatic cat-beings have been passed down for generations.

The mysterious Hotel LaNeau stands like a darkened sentinel on the city’s highest hill. Wanderers travel in olden caravans to worship the massive structure each winter. They are grifters, cons, thieves…and so much more, because that’s when people go missing and when the darkest forces are said to claim their souls.

Tyler’s widow, Diana, returns to Talbot’s Bay to bury her husband and to settle his estate. Plagued by agonizing headaches and fever dreams, she goes on to a trek through time, which unravels her husband’s darkest deeds, and his deadly alignment with her father, Nicky Bernardo, a ruthless businessman. Will she be consumed by creatures that have roamed Talbot’s Bay for centuries? Or will she remain adrift forever in the turbulent threads of time?

Illustrations by the author are also included within this dark fantasy.

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