Choice of Evils




Choice of Evils

By Philip Ross

From a prison cell in Paraguay to attempted murder in London, to a doubly besieged castle in the Austrian Alps, Choice of Evils is a nonstop rollercoaster of suspense.

Constanza Alvarado’s only hope to free her father from torture in Paraguay is to kidnap the son of the secret police chief, and hold him and his bride for a ransom: her father’s freedom.

American Paul Benedict is falling in love with Conastanza, although he avoids commitment to anything. Suddenly he discovers her plot. He can help her — and be accessory to kidnapping. He can tell the police — and be accessory to torture. If he does nothing, he’ll be both.

Choice of Evils…

“Another solid, crisp thriller from Philip Ross. Taut and plentiful…chses, ambushes, and hand-to-hand scuffles to please fans of old-fashioned derring-do.” Kirkus Reviews

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