Children of the Night




Children of the Night

By Margaret Bingley

A grieving woman alone.

A stunningly handsome man in need of a wife. Indeed, the perfect match.

To Judith, even Marc’s five attractive children are not a burden, but a blessing.

At first.

Until Marc’s mysterious, weeping visitations to the family garden inflame her curiosity. Until the horrifyingly real visions of the children’s long-dead mother haunt her consciousness. Until the demonic torments unleashed by the boys—with their unnaturally smooth faces, their hypnotically dark, gold-flecked eyes—assault her sanity.

This is how the terror begins.

A terror that will multiply, but never end.

For one more of the children of the night is destined to join the others. Inside Judith’s very own womb it grows. Inhuman. And already possessed with awesome, destructive power…

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