Children of the Dusk




Children of the Dusk

By Janet Berliner

Winner of the Horror Writer’s Association Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel

Concluding the saga of Solomon, Erich, and Miriam, Dusk begins as they land on Nosy Mangabé, a small island off the coast of Madagascar, in the midst of one of the most dense rainforests on Earth. Along with their mysterious Malagasy guide Bruqah, 144 Jews, 40 heavily armed Nazis, and Erich’s crack canine unit, the three fight to find a place in this strange new world, while also fighting to stay alive.

Upon reading Dusk, internationally best-selling author Larry Bond said, “What a story! Švivid, almost magical, set in an alien place with unique characters embarked on equally alien and divergent goals. I think it’s a real winner.” Peter S. Beagle concurred, stating, “Rounded off so splendidly in Children of the Dusk, the Manifesto should now take its place among the very few works of our time that truly deserve the title epic.”

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