Chasing the Sun




Chasing the Sun

By Christopher Fahy

To Chamberlain College in the small Maine town of Garfield comes Harry Callahan, a Maine-born aging and dyspeptic poet, to receive an honorary degree. He gets the degree all right, but in the process manages to disrupt his home town, his friends of long ago, his reputation, and the college. The depiction of the artist’s life in the United States is disturbingly accurate and hilariously described, with Harry Callahan as the shambling, overweight, incurably honest example. Chasing the Sun is Fahy’s comedic and humane triumph.

Chasing the Sun is so true to life, with excellent dialogue that shows Fahy’s wry sense of humor. A winner!
-Kendall Merriam, author of Medveb’s Journal

Christopher Fahy’s novelistic portrait of the poet Callahan is a marvel of compassion, lucidity and humor. In rendering a figure who is, at once, overbearing, thorny, sensitive and always remarkable, Fahy tellingly probes the confused place poetry occupies amid the babble of American commerce and the toll exacted on one of the art’s irrepressible practitioners. This is an exhilarating and shrewd book, full of vinegar and poetry.
-Baron Wormser, Maine Poet Laureate

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