Charismatics: How to Make Things Happen




Charismatics: How to Make Things Happen

By Hans Holzer

There is a new way of making things happen. The force of charisma, the personal magic of leadership and charm which enables public figures to attract and hold attention, needs no longer be exclusive to statesmen and celebrities. With Charismatics, this power is at the disposal of everyone. Learn how to expand your mind. Improve your ability to learn, remember, perceive. Increase your chances for professional advancement and love relationships by projecting a new and exciting self. Develop your untapped abilities and overcome any and all hang-ups regarding them. Succeed. Charismatics is a must for anyone who wants to better himself or strives for personal perfection.

This new approach to personality improvement uses both sensory and extrasensory principles to make you appear better, stronger, and more convincing than before. Charismatics involves no drugs, no financial investment, no strenuous exercise. It is an easily followed but effective system of applied positive thinking, influencing people mind to mind. By learning to visualize ideas, and with the use of certain key phrases, the practitioner of this system is sure of greater acceptance and ultimate success in achieving his business and social goals.

Parapsychologist Hans Holzer employs his unique knowledge of human personality gained over the years during his work in extrasensory perception and psychic research and makes it work where it counts the most—in everyday living.

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