Case File




Case File

By Bill Pronzini

It was fifteen years ago when the big, sort-of-sloppy, brew-loving P.I. appeared on the scene, dazzling readers with keen solutions to seemingly unsolvable crimes. And just as his disheveled demeanor gave no hint of the brilliant mind that lay behind it, his lack of a moniker said nothing about his rising popularity with mystery readers everywhere.

Nameless opens up his files on some of his most fascinating cases. Collected here are ten stories and two novelettes, giving Nameless fans a page-turning potpourri of his toughest and most dangerous adventures. CASEFILE holds his greatest hits – a 122 pack to be popped open and enjoyed on an off-duty afternoon. So sit back and spend some time with one of America’s favorite (and most likeable) P.I’s, who has caught more criminals – and imaginations – than any other gumshoe in recent American Fiction.

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