By John Levitt

Serial killers are running loose in Salt Lake City… Young women are being raped, kidnapped, and murdered by a psychotic pair of killers. Soon, with unlikely ease, cop Jason Coulter and his partner identify the culprits – a pair of biker-creeps, who are aided and abetted by their sleazy lawyer. But there’s no hard evidence to pin on these monstrous criminals.

Then Coulter’s new girlfriend, dancer Jennifer, disappears from her bloody car in circumstances that make it clear she’s the latest victim of the psycho-villains. Jason’s world falls apart as the various strands of his life come together explosively. The shocking events turn him from an efficient, if somewhat cynical, city cop to a man obsessed with revenge… When Jennifer disappears, he becomes more dangerous than the maniacs he is currently hunting. Will he have to take the law into his own hands to solve the case, get the killers off the street, and get justice for Jennifer? Dark and gritty, Carnivores is a high-octane mystery that is sure to please readers of fast-paced cop thrillers.


“Carnivores is a flashy and suspenseful crime story from a new guy on the block who is clearly a writer to watch. This is a fast-moving, compulsive read with an unforgettable climax. You’re going to like this one a lot.” – Stephen King

“The good guy/bad guy roles, so clearly defined early on, cloud up as cultural some self violently into the Salt Lake biker underground. A fine novel that constantly surprises.” – Booklist

“Spare, brutal and disquieting … Anyone who enjoys mysteries, police stories and the grandeur of the Salt Lake Valley and its canyons will enjoy this book.” – Salt Lake City Tribune

“… Flashes of humor leaven the dreadful incidents that are the core of a rave-worthy mystery.” – Publishers Weekly

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