By Charles Thomas

Tam Taylor’s first memory is drowning in the ocean. Although her father saved her, she has never returned. In fact, in the twenty years since, she’s barely left her sleepy rural hometown of Sylvester, Georgia. Every night she dreams of this horrible event. To help her cope and move on, her best friend Cary Jo forces Tam to take a trip to the beach.

That’s when the tentacles sprout from Tam’s skin.

In a small town like Sylvester, everyone instantly knows when you change your hair color or start a new job. Blending in has always been Tam’s survival method. Now she’s forced to adapt and take control of her life whether she wants to or not. Featuring hunky cult members, abandoned train cars in the woods, colors from outside time and space, and fried chicken, Brine is the tale of a woman trying to find a purpose for her life in a place where it’s not easy to stand out.

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