Brain Byters: A Nanobot Kids Adventure




Brain Byters: A Nanobot Kids Adventure

By Timothy W. Ayers

Nanobots are robots so small that they can move through your bloodstream to help cure diseases and will soon carry information and data directly to your brain. Dr. Christopher Columbus is the world’s leading scientist on nanobots when he is kidnapped by an evil spy. His rescue is up to his two sons, Cam and Zach, his eighty-eight-year-old grandmother, a dog, and a lab rat. The odds are not good for the scientist until his youngest son sends nanobots to attach to each of their brains. The odds get better when the nanobots create a genius boy, his world’s greatest martial artist brother, a talking dog, a ferocious, talking rat and a fearless senior citizen. Can they defeat the evil spy and his evil crew? Will their plan work? Will Cam get a chance to use his karate chops on the bully at school?

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