Body Counting




Body Counting

By David Whitman

David Whitman (co-author of Scary Rednecks And Other Inbred Horrors and author of Deadfellas and Delightful Agony) offers up a dozen weird, creepy, and sometimes darkly funny short stories in this collection.

“Body Counting” : Join slackers Vern and Tony as they attempt to retrieve a key from a house that is undergoing a breakdown in the space/time continuum. The body count will rise to absurd levels as they attempt to put a lid on the madness, heart attacks, and doppelgangers.
“Dust in the Wind” : Two men attempt to solve a weird murder at an isolated desert gas station. And possibly stop a jukebox that won’t stop playing Kansas….
“The Eyes of God” : A grieving father recreates his dead son using DNA and triggers an apocalyptic epidemic and confrontation with God….
“The Mind of Hunter Castle” : A serial killer who consumes the souls of his victims allows a father to talk to his dead son one last time….
“The Death of the Piano Man” : Billy Joel is kidnapped and put on trial by a psychotic man who despises his music…
“The Thursday Night Poker Players” : Madness overtakes a small town and the only way to avoid losing your mind is to smoke lots of marijuana in this B-movie tribute…
“What Love Was” : A young man bent on revenge digs up the dead wife of his enemy and terrorizes him with it….
“Broken Souls: A Fairy Tale” : A weird and macabre mix of Disney fairy tale and horror. A squirrel and a kitten, with the souls of dead children, team up to take revenge on their supernatural killer….
“Angel Lust” : A man finds a strangely attractive and wounded humanoid creature on the side of the road….
And 4 other tales of the strange and beautifully weird. You can read the first story “Angel Lust” by clicking on the cover.

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