Blood Revival




Blood Revival

Book IV of the Origins of Blood Series

By Janet Joyce Holden

They thought it was over.

After a desperate, climactic battle, everyone assumed their genocidal Grand Father was dead, and they could forget that terrible night and rebuild their lives.

But in order to defeat a monster, one of them had to become a monster. Mark Gannon was given the task of putting a stop to Anton Weiss’s killing, and in doing so was changed irreparably. While in pursuit, he stumbled upon a secret in the African desert that revealed their true origins and explained why a beloved ancestor had panicked and resorted to mass murder.

Disgraced and exiled, after he failed to destroy Weiss completely, Mark and his friends returned to the desert to keep watch over the tomb of their strange forebears, only to discover that one of them was in the early stages of regeneration.

Two years have passed, the House is rebuilt, and the exiles are due to return. But what will they bring with them?

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