Blood is Pretty




Blood is Pretty

By Steven Paul Leiva

Meet the Fixxer – with wit and aplomb he works the fruitful fields of Hollywood fixing the sins and correcting the stupidities of the denizens therein. In Blood is Pretty he comes to the rescue of “the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” to extricate her from the grip of the soul-sucking sexual desires of a producer born in slime, and takes on the task of buying off with money and muscle a film geek who won’t cooperate with a director of minuscule talent who simply wants to claim “V” — the geek’s “Holy Grail” of a film treatment — as his own.

When the film geek is discovered dismembered, the Fixxer is compelled to know why and finds worlds of evil, both real and virtual, centering around a computer program called Veritas, which has the potential of making its owner the richest and most powerful human on Earth.

With the aid of Roee, his friend, companion and cook who can kill quickly and silently in several different ways; the Captain, officially with the Los Angeles Police Department, unofficially with the Fixxer; Petey, extraordinarily brilliant and comically strange; and “the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” the Fixxer goes forth to do battle.

Praise for Steven Paul Levia & Blood is Pretty
“Steve Leiva not only promises but delivers. This is a fine first novel. Bravo!” — Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles

“Blood is Pretty is a wonderful read, a highly entertaining and impressive debut novel.” — Richard D. Zanuck, Academy Award-winning Producer of Jaws, Cocoon, Driving Miss Daisy, and Tim Burton’s Alice in wonderland

“Steven Paul Leiva takes a dash of James Bond, the ghost of noir, a splash of Hollywood and stirs it into Blood is Pretty, an adventurous, fast-paced first novel.” —Melodie Johnson Howe, Edgar-nominated author of The Mother Shadow

“Blood is Pretty is a light, breezy page turner that actually had me laughing out loud. The Fixxer is an engaging character and so are the supporting characters around him. After reading Blood is Pretty I wanted to devour more of the adventures of the Fixxer.” — Peter Anthony Holder, Host, Holder Overnight, CJAD, Montreal

Editorial Reviews

The Fixxer has the mystery of the Shadow, the sophistication of James Bond and the street smarts of Sam Spade.” — Stuart Nulman, Book Banter/CJAD, Montreal

Fixxer is a fascinating character. Intrugue; murder; mayhem in a fast paced action filled adventure. A truly great first novel. — E. V. Le Roux, Silver Moon Magazine

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