Blind Side




Blind Side

By William Bayer

Geoffrey Barnett is a photographer. Due to a mysterious trauma in his past, he has for many years been unable to photograph people. When Kimberly Yates suddenly enters his life, Geoffrey’s world is turned upside down. She nurtures him back to life-emotionally, mentally and sexually. Eventually he is able to photograph her.

Then she disappears.

Like a puff of smoke, as if she were just a dream, a vision that Geoffrey has conjured up.

As he begins to search for Kimberly, Geoffrey discovers that perhaps she was a dream. Soon, he begins to wish that she weren’t real, because his obsession with her turns his life from dream into a nightmare. As he discovers the truth about Kimberly she leads him down a path of greed, deceit and blackmail. It is a road littered with sexual perversions and struggles for power, with unbelievable pleasures and even greater pain, with powerful love and passion for life and, inevitably, the terror of death.

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