Black Water




Black Water

By T. J. MacGregor

This suspenseful page-turner from the Edgar Award nominated author, T.J. MacGregor will appeal to fans of Dean Koontz, a psychic travels through the darkest passages of the unknown to apprehend a psychopath who has abducted her daughter. As the sun sets on a deserted Florida beach, a desperate man prepares to take his next victim. The young girl seems just the right age to survive the journey through the black water. And if she doesn’t, she’ll end up like all the others. It’s been a beautiful day for psychic Mira Morales and her daughter, Annie. So why does she feel a growing unease about the smiling man walking calmly toward them on the deserted beach…a chilly warning that he is not to be trusted, but feared above all else. For years, children have been disappearing without a trace in the Florida Keys. And no one, not even the FBI, has suspected that it could be the work of a single twisted psychopath. Now, with her daughter gone–abducted by a killer consumed by a desire to change his past and his future–one mother will do whatever it takes to find her child, even if it means following her through the darkest passages of the unknown, to a place where each choice has terrifying consequences no one can possibly foresee.

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