Beyond Style


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Beyond Style

By Gary Provost

To write well, you must reach beyond the classroom basics of composition, get a grip on the more complex concepts, and learn how to create books, articles, and stories that move—not only from the editor’s desk to the bookstore, but also in the minds of your readers.
In this book, accomplished writer Gary Provost helps you tackle that tough task. Here you’ll touch the soul of fine fiction and nonfiction. You’ll explore the intangibles: the relationships between form and content, proportion and pacing, slant and theme. And you’ll gain a new perspective on how words work together.
In that newfound knowledge you’ll find power—power Provost helps you transfer to the page. In candid, conversational style, he shows you:
• how to balance event and dialogue to keep the pace lively
• why unity is essential to a story—and how to maintain it
• how to make the written word pleasing to the ear
• the value of fresh, strong imagery
• how startling originality will keep your readers interested
• how to make your story credible—even when it’s fiction
• how subtlety allows your reader to participate in the action
• how to tighten up the tension at every level of your story
Provost makes no promise that the work will be easy. He promises only that your books, articles, and stories will get better. There are, after all, no magic words—except those you put on the page.

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