Better Mousetraps




Better Mousetraps

By John Lutz

This collection of thirty-five mystery short stories from Edgar award-winning author John Lutz is filled with suspense and dark humor. The introduction by author Frances M. Nevins, Jr. gives the reader some insight into the author and his works.

The stories included in this collection:

The Other Runner
The Wounded Tiger
The Real Shape of the Coast
High Stakes
Buried Treasure
The Explosives Expert
Big Game
In Memory Of…
Hand of Fate
The Second Shot
The Shooting of Curly Dan
The Day of the Picnic
Mortal Combat
Something for the Dark
The Insomniacs Club
The Music from Downstairs
The Landscape of Dreams
Until You Are Dead
Something Like Murder
Trickle Down
Dear Dorie
Dead Man
Games for Adults
The Butcher, the Baker
No Small Problem
Deeper and Deeper
On Guard
Pure Rotten
Autumn Madness
Understanding Electricity
Discount Fare
Close Calls
One Man’s Manual
Mail Order

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