Bayou Savage: No Surrender




Bayou Savage: No Surrender

By Dean Russell

Bayou Savage died in 2006. That was the story. The last of the great guitar ghostfighters lost his spirit and his will to live after losing his father, Razor Savage. The Magi lost his evil grip on the planet and all portals to the netherworld were sealed tight. A whole pile of losers. The Ghost Defense Institute knew better.

The Institute spent the next two hundred years trying to bring Bayou and the ’53 Fender back to the world, such as it was. Life had changed after the Religious Wars of 2012.

The ice cold enigmatic cylinder let no mortal get close to solving its secret.

Steve Johnson’s job is to bring Bayou and the guitar back…tonight, Halloween, 2206.

About the Author

Dean Russell and Chase Walker are authors and musicians attracted to a lifestyle which includes good music, good stories, good food, and better wines. They support their creative efforts with quality consulting and entrepreneurial adventures. Inauspicious circumstances introduced these kindred spirits a few years ago and a brotherhood began, leading to their collaboration in the Bayou Savage, Guitar Ghostfighter series.

Dr. Dean Russell is a writer and works as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant with Employers Association, Inc in Asheville, North Carolina. He is also the former Quality Director of a medical device company with revenues of 350 million annually and COO for a wealth management firm. He provides life-changing and challenging seminars; keynote addresses and breakout sessions! He is also President of Executive Performance and Solutions, Inc.

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