B.O.L.O. – A Whit Pynchon Mystery




B.O.L.O. – A Whit Pynchon Mystery

By Dave Pedneau

THE CRIME: Two cops, investigating a suspicious gathering off an isolated mountain road, stumble on a massacre in the making, in which they — along with men, women, even children — find themselves among the bloody victims.

THE CRIMEMAKERS: From the Florida swamps to the Appalachian hollers, a powerful network of drug dealers have staked their empire. They’ve got arsenals of firepower to protect their turf. They’re greedy. And they don’t give a damn.

THE CRIMEBUSTERS: Investigator Whit Pynchon and editor Anna Tyree — live-in lovers, occasional rivals — are on this one. But a killer who never misses lures Anna into his gunsights. And this time Whit can’t help her.

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