Axes to Grind




Axes to Grind

By Paul Dale Anderson

Axes to Grind is a supernatural thriller and police procedural set in a rural area of Wisconsin. Merritt County is a fictional place in the northern part of the state near Lake Superior.

When Sandra Beech inherits nine hundred acres of woodland and a house from her mother’s great-aunt Susan, Sandy travels from Chicago to northern Wisconsin to put the place up for sale. The isolated old house has neither electricity nor indoor plumbing, the entire area is out of reach of any cell tower, and iron deposits in the soil interfere with radio communications. As a child, Sandy had thought great-aunt Susan looked and acted like a witch, and Sandy learns Susan and Sandy are descendants of a long line of witches dating back more than six thousand years. Susan’s spirit returns to teach Sandy magic so Sandy can use magic to save the world from the diabolical plans of a reincarnated Heinrich Himmler to unleash Asmodeus and a hoard of demons on an unsuspecting modern world. Merritt County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Dan Edmonds doesn’t believe Sandy when she tells Dan about Himmler, Asmodeus and the demons. But gruesome murders convince Dan something unusual is happening and Sandy Beech may be the cause. Either Sandy is insane and the murderer herself, or Sandy is an accomplice who is hiding the murderer in her house. Will Dan discover the truth before Sandy becomes Himmler’s next victim?

Axes to Grind is a fast-paced thriller that will make your hair stand on end.

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