Astrology: What It Can Do for You




Astrology: What It Can Do for You

By Hans Holzer

(Originally published in 1975)

What is astrology really: science, art, craft—or fraud?

In a work of extraordinary range, an informed observer, Hans Holzer, has attempted to evaluate astrology’s contribution to our lives. In the last decade, astrology has moved from a casual topic of conversation at cocktail parties to a major subject for serious discussion and academic inquiry. It has become, at its best, an important facet of human expression in the everyday life of millions and, at its worst, a vehicle for cold-blooded commercial exploitation.

Astrology: What It Can Do for You includes:
* interviews with a score of nationally known cosmic, mathematic, commercial, and esoteric astrologers
* Gar Osten’s remarkable chart of the United States, a sobering and challenging document that predicts the country’s course through the year 2136 A.D. Soon to come: a thirty-year “period of trial,” with the possibility of a major war or the beginning of the land breakup,
* a list of simplified, easily understood astrological terms
* a discussion of the possible influences of cosmic radiation on our lives
* a realistic look at newspaper astrology columns
* new, at-a-glance astrological charts showing the chief characteristics of the twelve birth signs of the zodiac and estimating their chances of getting along with each other

While warning against excessive reliance on astrology, the author nevertheless sees it as a helpful tool in mapping the road ahead. And he tries to bring together the polarized camps of doubters and enthusiasts in a common quest: to grasp the nature of both the external and the internal universe.

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