Ask the Cow




Ask the Cow

By Rita Reynolds

Christina is a special cow. Her strange habit of “meditating” caught Rita’s attention, and she discovered a strange communication growing between them. Christina’s wisdom is recounted with both humor and tenderness by a well-known animal lover and writer.

About the Author (And Cow)

Rita Reynolds has a long-standing love and respect for everything in nature, nurtured from an early age by both her mother and her maternal grandmother. For over three decades she has tended to animals—from ducks to donkeys—at her small sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Currently, her animal family includes two goats, two donkeys, seventeen cats, five (mostly elderly) dogs, and, of course, Christina. Rita is married with two grown sons, Michael and Tim. She is the author of Blessing the Bridge, What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and Beyond (NewSage Press, 2001) and editor and publisher of laJoie, a quarterly journal regarding reverence for all life. She welcomes correspondence and can be reached through email at or through her website Christina is still happily giving advice and enjoying the Reynolds’ sanctuary.

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