By T. J. MacGregor

Dominica and her tribe of hungry ghosts were driven from Esperanza, that magical city high in the Andes, but they were not all destroyed. As a last devastating blow against Tess Livingston, she seized Tess’s niece, Maddie, as a host, and fled away to the United States.

Now, this evil bruja has settled in a small resort town in Florida and is cementing her power over a new tribe of the unquiet dead. But she will not be able to take over Cedar Key, not without arousing the suspicion of the U.S. government. And not without attracting the attention of Wayra, her oldest lover and most bitter enemy.

On Cedar Key, Kate Davis is trying to raise her son on a bartender’s pay. She grew up in this small community, and she knows everyone in town pretty well. So Kate notices when people begin behaving oddly, and it scares her to death. It makes her want to run.

Farther away in Florida, Nick Sanchez is having visions of a young woman being held hostage by terrorists. Nick is a psychic, a “remote viewer,” working for a top-secret government unit, and any hint of terrorism, from any source, is enough to make Homeland Security take notice. When it’s combined with reports of a dozen deaths from a mysterious disease that makes the victims bleed out completely, then it’s time for action. Kate’s not going to be able to get off Cedar Key.

Passion, terror, blood, and courage abound in this supernatural thriller that will take your breath away.

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