Anguish of the Sapiens Queen




Anguish of the Sapiens Queen

By Nancy Kilpatrick

Two warring species are at risk of extinction. In a twisted tale of love, hate and power struggles, allegiances and alliances shift dramatically and jeopardy threatens at every turn.

Vampir King Hades braves the Sapiens city to warn his enemy, the beautiful Queen Liontyne, that a virus threatens to annihilate her population. He is shocked that this sharp-tongued ruler doesn’t care. But what affects her world affects his—and far more than blood is on the line.

Queen Guin finally sees a chance to reclaim her stolen throne and escape her vampir captor, King Necros. But with treachery and betrayal from all sides, Death leads and follows her and the price of her crown might be impossibly high.

The Thrones of Blood series of vampire novels for adults is exciting, fast-paced and sexy. It’s very clear that no one writes vampire novels quite like Nancy Kilpatrick!


“This latest entry in Nancy Kilpatrick’s Thrones of Blood saga is like Game of Thrones with fangs—richly layered, luxuriantly savage, carnal and creepy, a feast for fiends. Read one, you’ll want more.” – Craig Spector, bestselling author of The Light at the End and Underground

“Nancy Kilpatrick’s command of the language is precise, sensual, and addictive, drawing you sinuously from one page to the next. Do yourself a favor and let her lure you down the less trodden paths of desire and danger!” – P.N. Elrod, author of The Vampire Files series

“Even the undead are vividly alive.” – Lois Tilton, author of Darkness on the Ice

“The aspect of vampire mythology explored in Book 5 is the vampire fear of fire. I don’t want to give anything away, but this is handled with a magnificent outcome. I had no idea how the fire issue would play out and was thrilled with how expertly Kilpatrick wove it into the climax. The Thrones of Blood books can be read separately, but I wouldn’t recommend it as you would lose the panoramic view of this edgy and intriguing world. I am anxiously awaiting Book 6!” – Elaine Pascale, reviewer

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