AMERI-SCARES: California – From the Pit




AMERI-SCARES: California – From the Pit

By Elizabeth Massie

Pages: 180

Can ancient, unknown creatures surface in your own backyard? Twelve-year-old Pablo has lived in a small California desert town his whole life, and the sticky black tar puddle by the corral fence has been little more than a nuisance to walk around or step over. But when an earthquake cracks open the bottom of the puddle and mysterious rock-like eggs begin floating up to the top, Pablo and his best friends Lauren and Victor realize they have a mystery to solve. A scary, scientific mystery that will put the whole town in danger if Pablo and his friends don’t stop arguing and learn to work together. Each Ameri-Scares novel is based on or inspired by a historical event, folktale, legend, or myth unique to that particular state.

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