Amelia: Battle for Ardentia




Amelia: Battle for Ardentia

By Brock Deskins

When Amelia, a precocious, ten-year-old girl, is diagnosed with a brain tumor, she fights her horrible disease the only way she knows how–with her vivid imagination.

In her alter-ego guise of a demigoddess warrior princess, she battles against a powerful demonic invader named Romut and his horde of monsters to protect the people of her imaginary world.

Ardentia is a lush forest and home to the fairy folk. Its verdant trees, flowers, pristine waters, and wildlife is not only the heart and soul of Amelia’s make-believe world, but a symbol of her very existence.

When Romut invades the core of her being, Amelia must fight, not just for her people and their home, but for her very life.

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