Along the Splintered Path


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Along the Splintered Path

By A. J. Brown

Along the Splintered Path is a collection of stories written by up-and-coming horror author AJ Brown.

Phillip’s Story: Down on his luck, Phillip comes across a bag of money that has fallen from the sky. Where did it come from? And what will Phillip do with it? The answers could be his saving grace… or his greatest downfall.

‘Round These Bones: James’ thoughts were elsewhere when he rounded that bend. With a broken ankle, a snowstorm approaching and a long way from help, he has to find shelter, and fast. But what else is out there seeking shelter from the storm?

The Woodshed: A young man wrestles with the ghost of his past, an abusive father and a mentally unstable brother. As a last resort, he returns home to confront the evil he left behind. What he finds just may be the end of him.

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