After Things Fell Apart




After Things Fell Apart

By Ron Goulart

Aging former rock stars got together at the Nixon Institute to reminisce about the days when they could still think clearly.

The Amateur Mafia (no Italians allowed) opened a strip joint in sin city, where you had to disrobe to get in.

And the awesome Lady Day raiders started Mankill, Inc…


“This book is a sheer delight to read, with wonderful dialogue, a sustained high level of witty imagination, virtually an infinitude of nice touches. The book is alive with satire, wit, merriment and fun. I savored every word.” — Philip K. Dick

“Very funny and very sad. AFTER THINGS FELL APART is a little like a wienie stand in Hell: a wacky, fragmented world with the hero’s tired sanity in the middle of all of it, somehow the maddest thing of all.” — Joanna Russ

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