After Pie




After Pie

by Stefan Petrucha

Shelley is disgusted and disenchanted, with the world in general and her existence in particular, until an encounter with an alien entity. The creature strikes her as her ticket out, a way to get to, if not a better place, than at least another place. But, as her much put-upon pal Beep warns, is Shelley actually communicating telepathically with the alien, or, as usual, just talking to herself?


“AFTER PIE is a rollicking, freewheeling, hilarious, and suspenseful adventure that ranks up there with Stefan Petrucha’s best work. What a trip! I guarantee you won’t forget Shelley and Beep anytime soon!” — Nicholas Kaufmann, author of IN THE SHADOW OF THE AXE and 100 FATHOMS BELOW

“Need ghost-girl detectives? Rejoice Shelly and Beep are here in Stefan Petruca’s latest adventure! “After Pie” is full of the razor sharp language, clever wit, and genre-spanning elements Petracha’s fans such as me delight in! What could possibly be scarier than ghosts? Find out in After Pie where Petrucha delivers ! Highly recommended.”

– Daniel Braum, author of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales

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