A Question of Will




A Question of Will

By Craig Spector

Paul Kelly is a good man: a firefighter and paramedic facing death and danger daily, risking his own safety for the sake of strangers. Paul has seen tragedy a thousand times, but it has never been his own. Until now…

A shocking crime. A loved one, brutally murdered. Paul’s life is suddenly invaded by police, reporters, the harsh glare of spotlights on a family’s private sorrow. The killer shows no sorrow, no remorse – a teen sociopath whose dead eyes stare in sullen silence. Paul does not want blood or vengeance. He wants to know why.

Paul Kelly was a good man. But his obsession is drawing him into the darkest depths of the human soul. Where a terrible truth lurks in the shadows of lies. And a price must be paid to answer…


“In A QUESTION OF WILL, Craig Spector begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting has achieved a mature, hard-won narrative authority that will be deeply gratifying to all, as well as to the many thousands of readers who have enjoyed his earlier work. The novel moves its protagonist from believable heroism into an equally convincing moral darkness terrible to behold, and it carries us with it every step along the way. This is what horror wants to be when it grows up, a vision of tragic inevitability rooted in character, ruthless and inexorably unfolding, yet shot through with the possibility of grace.”
–Peter Straub

“Spector (THE LIGHT AT THE END) is a strong writer who convincingly re-creates the dark, often gruesome world of paramedics and firefighters. Most impressive is his exploration into Paul’s character and how ordinary people cope with extraordinary grief and horror. Not for the faint of heart, Spector’s latest is for lovers of the best psychological thrillers, along the lines of Ruth Rendell’s.”
–Publishers Weekly

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