A Good Death




A Good Death

By Philip Ross

Charles Maxwell has survived thirty-eight years as a crack CIA agent. He’s killed before to save himself. Now he faces a killer he can’t outwit ? cancer. Knowing he has only six months to live, Maxwell finances a “good death” by selling $100,000 worth of second-rate secrets to the Russians. Eluding capture by the CIA, he disappears to a secluded Swiss chalet to spend his remaining days in the shadow of the Matterhorn. By chance, however, brilliant Soviet dissident Constantin Vronsky is hiding in the chalet next to Maxwell’s. The KGB is desperate to prevent his defection. And so is the CIA. Once again embroiled in the deadly spy’s game of cross and double cross, Maxwell faces his final dilemma. Cold-blooded killing may be the only solution to a good death.

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