A Few Streets More to Kensington




A Few Streets More to Kensington

By Alex Sheremet

From the author of the critically-acclaimed Woody Allen: Reel to Real (Take2 Publishing), A Few Streets More To Kensington is a coming-of-age novel that draws on classic young adult fiction while pushing boundaries – and taking fresh risks – for a new generation of readers.

As a child, Artem escaped the Chernobyl disaster in the hope of finding solid ground. As an adult, he must now unearth it, and learn to disentangle his past from the trick of memory we must all succumb to. In this remembrance – real or imagined? – he will befriend hoodlums, indulge the sage advice of a local pimp, and betray and face betrayals before settling on his true goal: to become an artist in order to recreate a world quickly disappearing with his childhood.

Set against turn-of-the-millennium New York, A Few Streets More to Kensington deals with classic tropes of boyhood – nostalgia, curiosity, and the wars of self – now transposed to the streets of Brooklyn, and examined through an artist’s reluctant gaze. Rich, melancholy, and contemplative, the tale subsists on the magic of the 1990s…even as it aims to transcend it, too.

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