668: The Neighbor of the Beast




668: The Neighbor of the Beast

A Kent Montana Adventure

By Charles L. Grant


The housing market is depressed. But not as depressed as anyone who spends a night at 668 Langford Place. The decaying mansion next door—number 666—will soon see the return of Bog-Muggoth, an ancient, evil demon that makes the Amityville Horror seem like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

But Bog-Muggoth isn’t making his haunted house call alone. Other vile gods from beyond time and space will be joining in the festivities to make the world their oyster—and leave it an empty shell.

Only one man can keep the Older Deities from dieting on the human race…


He’s the descendant of Scottish nobility or so he claims. He’s an out-of-work actor. He never gets a good script…but his life is more exciting than any science fiction movie. In fact, his life is a science fiction movie.

(previously published as written by Lionel Fenn)

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