The Innocence of Evil: Three Novels of Horror




The Innocence of Evil: Three Novels of Horror

By Margaret Bingley

Together in one book, three of Margaret Bingley’s novels of chilling horror.


There was something decidedly strange about the twins—Olivia and Orlando. Maybe it was their appearance that set them apart—their wide almost colorless eyes and silver-blond hair. Or maybe it was something more sinister—the way they seemed to communicate without speaking, remained unmoved by accidents to other people, were fascinated by the sight of blood.

Meg loved them of course, as any good mother would. But what of their father, a nameless, faceless donor to an artificial insemination clinic? Who was he and where is he now? Would Meg like, even love, him if they were to meet—or would she fear him?

When a compelling stranger comes into her life, Meg is forced to recognize a frightening, hidden part of her own nature. And to confront the question: from whom do the children inherit their sinister streak—their unknown father or Meg herself?

Margaret Bingley’s latest novel is as thought-provoking as it is spine-chilling, a timely reminder that the miracles of modern medicine may have their dark side.


The place is Lower Ditton. So peaceful. So silent. But don’t let the silence deceive you.

It’s the silence of the grave. The silence of a village too terrified to scream. The silence of an army of vengeful spirits who’ve possessed the bodies of young children. And in their lifeless, demonically red eyes, no one is too innocent to die…



the nightly visitations began, Allan was treated to erotic delights and a thrill of terror no living man deserved to know.


any hopes for a quiet, normal life ended, because of Julie’s long-ago sin, scrupulously kept secret from her husband, Allan. But not from Alice.


obsession reigned over one man’s soul. Corruption ravaged one woman’s family. And the raging spirit of a dead young woman took full possession of one small, beautiful child—the instrument of Alice’s ungodly and unremitting revenge.

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