Chuck Solace & The Mystic of Meridian


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Chuck Solace & The Mystic of Meridian

By Kris Wallace

When a fallen medical pioneer suddenly returns from near-coma, he brings back something more than his memories.  Now capable of inexplicable acts of increasingly devastating power, Dr. Ervin Gwin resolves to continue his life’s work: the salvation of every troubled soul on the vast planet of Limina.  Enter Chuck Solace, Sole Protector of that world and the only mind capable of standing a chance against the man who will become known as the Mystic of Meridian.

Yet Solace has demons of his own that have driven him into high solitude and made a burden of his singular gift, the Palimpsest.  Now once more he is drawn to descend to the streets of Sigune City, where he must struggle to reconnect with a populace all too prepared to follow Gwin wherever his music leads.

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