In the summer of 1980, Bob Booth founded the Northeastern Writers’ Convention, a.k.a. Necon. Somewhere along the way, someone (and no one remembers who!) referred to the convention as “summer camp for horror writers,” and the Camp Necon nickname has stuck ever since.

The roster of writers and artists who’ve attended Necon reads as a “who’s who” of speculative fiction. But beyond that, Necon has evolved into much more than just a writers’ conference over the past four decades — it has become a community, an intimate gathering where like-minded creative people gather each year to share, celebrate, and encourage each other’s work. In fact, the “Campers” have come to give themselves another nickname, referring to all who attend as “the Necon Family.”

Below, we’ve collected all of our titles that were written by authors who have a connection to Necon. Some attended as Guests of Honor, some have been recognized as Necon Legends and Necon Hall-of-Famers, and some are debut offerings from new authors who have recently become part of the convention.

For more about Necon and to register to join the convention yourself, please visit For an idea of the amazing talent that gathers for four days every summer in Rhode Island and to appreciate the type of literature that always has been (and always will be) fostered there, please browse the following titles.

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