Thomas Machin

Thomas Machin has been doing Voice Over or Acting for most of his life. By the age of eight, he had set up his own little recording studio and was doing tapes for school, church and friends. By high school, he was active in many speech contests in the broadcast field and media contests. This led to a college education in Radio/TV with a minor in Theatrical Special Effects.

His experience ranges from years in Radio/Television to doing production and voice work for animation and characters for role playing games for over 35 years.
Most role playing games include as part of the concept is a Game Master. The “job” of the Game Master includes being an author to the story the players are going to go through as well as voice acting for all of the other characters that the players would meet. It is not unlike theater except, in most cases, the Game Master and players do not dress up to play their roles. It is done purely by voice acting and the description of any physical actions. All in all, it is very close to Narration and Voice Acting!

After the BS degree in Radio/TV, he went on to a degree in Electronic Engineering. This took him to the computer and network field for a few years before I started MagePro. MagePro started as a high end graphics and animation company, but branched out into computer consulting specializing in Network Security and training of IT Directors and staff.

Health and the long hours made the decision for Thomas to go back to his first love: Acting behind the microphone and studio editing to make myself and others sound great.

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