Kitty Hendrix

Kitty Hendrix
I am originally from Carmel California, which is a beautiful place and very “arty”. I started acting and singing with rep theater companies as a child. I did a lot of theater there and all over California and after graduating from college I moved to New York City to try my hand at “the big time”.

I got a job as an opening act singer at the NY Improvisation and opened for Larry David, Robin Williams,Richard Pryor and Andy Kaufman (to name a few). I also worked as a Studio back-up singer and performed as a concert back-up vocalist at large venues like Carnegie Hall and at the Bottom Line with Elly Stone. I originated two roles Off Broadway Musicals . I did a lot of traveling.

After about 20 years of being in show business I wanted to settle down and decided to “retire”. I got married, had a daughter and moved to a small country town in New Jersey where I opened an interior design business that eventually became very successful. (Learning how to build and run a small business is something I would recommend for anyone who wants to work freelance.)

My daughter Danielle, who is a talented dancer /choreographer was accepted at Professional Performing Arts High School in NYC in 2003 so back I came to the Big Apple. Once I was back in NYC I reconnected with my performer base and eased back into acting and singing after a 20 year hiatus.

Still living in New York City I spent the first half of 2014 renovating a new apartment to include a professional sound studio. (My interior design training came in handy there.) I live with my political activist husband, Alan Charney and our Shiba Inu puppy Reiki.

I have learned not to enter into a debate with either of them unless I am prepared to lose.

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