Dick Hill

As a Golden Voice (so honored by Audiofile Magazine), winner of 3 Audies and dozens of Earphone Awards, Dick Hill brings his own personal touch of vocal creativity to every project.

He brings stories to life with a wide variety of characterizations, dialects, and accents…reviewers have compared his work to a full cast recording. His rich baritone and insightful interpretations have also earned him praise for his many non-fiction titles.

Publishers and authors speak highly of Dick’s work, too. Best selling thrill-master LEE CHILD , whose award winning Jack Reacher novel ONE SHOT earned Dick an Audie nomination for best solo male narrator and is on its way to the big screen, says:

“While few audiobook fans become authors, plenty of authors become audiobook fans – especially if they’re lucky enough to get Dick Hill as their voice.”

You can find him at His Website

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