Beth Stewart

Among other things, which she’d happily reveal in a game of Truth or Dare, Beth Stewart is a tattooed, weightlifting, shark-tagging, sky-diving, pool & poker playing, storytelling VO pro.

With decades of improvisational experience, she’s equipped with an arsenal of characters and characterizations to bring concepts to reality and provoke the imagination. From professional to conversational to down-right quirky and wacky, she is skilled in helping clients find just the right tone.

And it’s no wonder Beth has a rep for being the thinking listener’s narrator. As a research hound with a background in Finance, her noggin’ is filled with just enough information to be dangerous about most topics, and an inquisitive nature to fill in the blanks. She specializes in narration & corporate eLearning modules and is well-versed in Financial Crime Sanctions, Compliance, Governance & Anti-Money Laundering. Beth has also narrated several Contemporary Adult and Young Adult Paranormal Romance books.

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